Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Weekly Visit to Google Analytics

My Weekly Visit to Analytics (edit/delete)

Well I try to visit Analytics at least once a week to see what traffic I am receiving & approximately where it is coming from....  I wish I could figure out "specifics" to follow up, but wanted to share a brief overview of what it told me this morning.  I do check more frequently at times depending on what I have put out into the market place.  Ironically I received a lot of traffic after I blogged about my visit to Costco & the Stuffed Olives with Garlic & Jalapeno & Wasabi Doritos....  Here is what this Monday morning brought to light.
I was thrilled that I was discovered in "4" countries...."3" outside the United States.


 This area told me "where" my sources were coming from....  You will see the majority were from Active Rain!
Top Traffic Sources
<>SourcesVisits% visits
activerain.com (referral)
(direct) ((none))
google (organic)
iahsp.com (referral)
Then you will see what key words were used to find me in these searches....(so that may be I can improve) 
<>KeywordsVisits% visits
It gives you a wonderful graph at a glance with a number of visitors per day if you scroll over....
 graph 092011 visit to google analytics
 I can not reduce this in the copy & paste, but it tells me how many visits - how many were "new & unique" visits, how many pages were view, how long the average time on my website, and "bounce rate"...well bounce rate was a mystery to me until I read this article....it appears that under 50% is "an average bounce rate...higher & you have a problem" per the article on INC.com.  It also tells me the percentage of visitors that were new verses overall visitors.
Well obviously there is so much more work to do in just starting up with all of this...but little by little I hope that results & improvements start happening.  I found it really interesting to see the wide exposure in the various countries.
I am not sure how many follow their results on Google, but it may be worthwhile to see when traffic is down & when it is up?  I am trying to narrow down what can improve my traffic.  Active Rain is at the top of the referring sites:)!  It is free to sign up by the way.  I also just heard it is beneficial to post your AR Blog to your Google Blog....so I am going to start trying that today...starting with an article about my analytics :).
Thank you Google, Active Rain & Inc.com!
Thank you for visiting!  Pam

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