Monday, October 3, 2011

"Ahhhh" with My First Bite

Everyone once in a while you just have one of those ahhhh moments!?! Well, I did late last night. I always try to eat right... I am not able to always. Salads many times are my staple & the regimen that I try to keep up. It helps in many ways health wise.

It was late, late last night & I uttered that "ahhhh" with my first bite!! Welcome to Ice Box Cafe!! I think i have just found my favorite salad!! (Okay, well it is in the top 3 as I have many favorite salads ;-)...) You see, I have a favorite pick in just about any airport you want to pass me through (especially in the US) & many a local restaurants.

Yesterday, when I was on the fly & no time to stop I grabbed a soup that I repeat occasionally (coconut chicken curry soup) (another melt in your mouth moment) & a salad struck my visual radar.... I went back & forth with the salads....about three difficult to make a choice. They all looked Yummy!! I had a wrap before, & it was terrific, but I wasn't in the wrap mood. They also have a lot of hot entree choices. I regret I didn't really have the time to sit & eat.

I had only tried this location a couple of times. Once because I received a gift card for a dessert & did have a slice of carrot cake that was out of this world. Their desserts I had heard were at the top of Oprah's charts. She was right!! ... Any time that Oprah puts her seal of approval on it...well it is pretty much a touch of gold. There are a couple of these places that Oprah has supported right here in South Florida & both times she was spot on. They were the desserts she loves. The cafe I am speaking of presently is “ICE BOX Café”. Their food is so healthy!! They also have a very interesting story & Robert Seigmann is the founder.

The salad I had was the Shrimp Mediterranean Salad, & oh my. It had a vinaigrette dressing that was so light & scrumptious, mixed with the peppered or blackened season grilled shrimp. I could not have asked for a better finish to my day. I had eaten the soup on the run, but gave me comfort for the 13 hour day.... & the salad was just what the doctor had ordered, when I was able to finally get in late for my final reward :) before sleep.

I LOVE the soup & have added the salad as my very favorite salad in Miami International Airport, with my Greek favorite as a runner up. The carrot cake is so light & fluffy that you won’t realize that it has any calories. In fact I am convinced it doesn't. You will say it must be healthy as the carrots are so fresh & plentiful & it is so light, definitely worth the indulgence.

We were “really” fortunate to have “ICE BOX” settle here with us in South Florida. I am extremely fortunate to be able to frequent them fairly often. They also have their home location on Lincoln Road in South Beach. I am not certain, but I believe their position was to expand to other airports in the future. In the mean time we are thrilled to have them in Miami International & South Beach in the South Florida area, so come visit us!! :) I am sure you too will have your very own "aaahhh" moment & look forward to hearing your favorites!

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