Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time In A Bottle & Elf On A Shelf Elevator Speech

Hi, I’m like your “Time In A Bottle” & “Elf-On-A-Shelf” all-in-one. My name is Pam Hills, founder of Innovative Artistry. I am a “Comfort Stylist” for Your Property & “Event Engineer” of your valuable milestones.

Elf of the House Harry Potter

(hand shake & you are?) (ask for mutual introduction & description) (give two or three cards) (hopefully they will offer a card)
Hand Shake
My goal is to 'assist' you & your Realtor with making the sale of your home as painless & expeditious as possible.

My job is to help guide you to protect one of your greatest investments, by staging the initial presentation of your home to potential buyers. I go with you & your agent every step of the way to help you prepare for those monumental steps by putting your "best image" forward with the sale of your property & enhance the maximum appearance... I help you "Dress You Home For Success", much like dressing for a job interview.

I set the stage with your property for the sale...or afterward for your comfort. :) I try to save you time in preparations, as well as your hopefully having much less time on the market which saves you money. If you have property, home, office, or vessel.....or know of anyone that may use my services, please give me a call. (pause) I would love to show you results that may save you time, money & stress & go over the creative ways I can be of help. Here is my contact information and website address, so you may see our artistry at work. It was very nice meeting you! (shake hands) I look forward to hearing from you! (smile)

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