Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are Gutters Important to Your Home??

How many realize why Gutters are so important to your home?? While they can be "upgraded" to be more cosmetic, they actually serve a very important function.

  • Gutters help to prevent foundation damage as a result of improper drainage surrounding your home. Too much exposure to water can create mold, cracks, & unnecessary shifting of the foundation.
  • Gutters also help to protect your landscaping, pathway, or nice pavers from floating down the street by not allowing the pouring of the run off go straight onto your plants & hedges or walkways.
  • Gutters help prevent water from going into your basement
  • Gutters help water not accumulate on the roof which would create structural damage.
  • Gutters also protect the exterior paint from water exposure which in turn may cause fading.
  • They also help keep the exterior of your home clean so that you don't have that dirty splash against your stucco or siding chipping away or fading your facade.
  • They can also assist with protecting you from the rain if you are walking on the outside of your home.

Gutters are definitely way over looked for their importance they serve in the upkeep & preservation of our homes. I personally love some of the creative aesthetics that they have now. However, I think that the "seamless" gutters take the lead for practicality & elegance.

PictureModern Seamless Gutter

Gargoyle Gutter spoutDecorative Gutter Systems

I just love the simplicity & cleanliness of "seamless"versions.

Seamless Gutters

When I went looking today for the value of Gutters, to further present the case, of which I found several comments from Real Estate professionals on Trulia, when the question was posed ~

"Does installing gutters add value to the home or is it something that buyers don't care about because it's not "fancy and shiny" ?"

I loved the comparison(s). It certainly helped me to bring home the necessity.

I have since found the source here in Miami for Gutters & if anyone is need of Gutters, I suggest Surfside Seamless Gutters (305) 552-9495 or 305) 382-2526 Albert Perez is a wonderful person & he will be more than happy to assist you with your needs!

Okay, I wanted to share my findings regarding various gutters & the expanded knowledge I gained, of just how much they are an intricate part of our home. I could go on & on with the really creative downspouts...but I will close with the link....there is a fairy, a horse & cowboy, & some very historical ones as well. I look forward to your feedback on any other information on this (or any subject) :)

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