Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Major Art Events Coming - Art Basel & Art Miami

I would like to share some of my favorite people on the outside of my associates here, as in the next few weeks we have two MAJOR Art Events! In Staging we are always utilizing Art!! I am always for the local art shows & artists...such as the Delray Affair & Las Olas Art Festivals. They inspire my creativity. These events however, kick it up to another level, & are exhibitors that you will only find either privately collected, in galleries, museums, or Sotheby's or similar auctions. The two events coming are Art Basel & Art Miami.
These events are timed just prior to the holidays when traffic is at its peak. Art Basel is an outstanding gathering of International Artists. Art Miami’s focus is modern, emerging & contemporary art of all ranges with a wide appeal to art dealers, curators, and collectors. I feel that Art Basel has a slightly varied international component, it consists of some rare pieces that are museum worthy, as well as the same (or more diverse) collectors, art dealers, galleries, artists, & curators pieces. These exhibits feature many prestigious artists & galleries across the world. Both events share dates, so I do encourage making a weekend of it, and a visit to both.
You will find our collaborative exhibit of a few of our artists at Art Miami 2000, when I was co-owner/founder of our former business Kaleidoscope Images. These artists were/are like our family, truly. We had approximately 50 artists of diverse style & passion. Kaleidoscope Images originated from my husband’s passion of his fine art photography when he traveled as a ship’s captain. I will blog about Kaleidoscope in the artist series of blogs in the future.
My purpose of this post is to help others mark the dates for these two wonderful events. Art Miami is November 30 - December 4th (their 22nd anniversary in Miami) & Art Basel is December 1-4 (the 10th year in Miami). These two events are similar to Art Expo New York, which we also have participated. It was when my husband convinced me to convert to a mini van.... so we would be able to accommodate all of our artwork for the drive up there. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it until we made the trip...needless to say it was one of three that I owned before downsizing again. Chrysler can definitely make a comfortable car!
I urge anyone that is interested in art, or may be in town, to visit these two exhibits. I am sure that you will be amazed at the superior talent & creativity that you will be able to experience.
I previously had blogged about my friend & fine art photographer Alan Maltz. His studio & gallery are located right on Duval Street in Key West. (Alan shown below)

You will see in these photos below the former Peter Von Artens, we miss him tremendously.

Helen Morse (shown below ) (now residing in Arlington, MA)

(My Dad is on the right helping us that day, so I could attend to assist the other artists)
and Greg Hills work exhibited below.

(yes that is me above...)

I have few blogs in the makings: Karl Merklein & Gustavo Novoa & Greg Hills & Helen Morse are yet to come.

So, please look out for them later this month, as I couldn’t possibly put their influence on my life for all of those years into this blog. The main purpose is to give notice so you may put these two important & beautiful events on your calendar :)!  Thank you for visiting!