Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Sitting On The Fence"

Well over the past few months of discussion the subject of "Sitting On The Fence" has come up often....well I guess that "often" would be an understatement, but we will keep it at often for my thoughts today....

Fence Sitters

(courtesy of Google)

I have said to myself that I can totally relate to the circumstances, as there have been circumstances in my life where I have felt stuck. I guess others may be could have viewed it as "sitting on the fence", even though I was still making progress & moving forward.

There were a lot of responsibilities at the time. I was busy & with numerous distractions. These changes may not have been as severe, or as "they" (others) would have thought, but they were what was required of me.

There have been other times that obstacles have just stopped me cold. In fact these past few years I have set on a path a couple of times & low & behold it was like someone had put rubber cement on the pavement. When I tried to pull it out it just snapped back...now some of these (or many of these) were "external" factors. As a result though.....

I thought to "self". "What keeps people stuck"?? These were just a few answers that came to mind & not in order of any priority, but are...or could be factors ~

  • Fear (of the present or the future - Professional, Familial, Health)
  • Economics
  • Life Events
  • Health
  • Needs of Family
  • Needs of Professional Obligations
  • Transfers or So Many Places & Options to Experience (in Real Estate or a corporate location, or consideration for our family or a relationship...."do we want to be in this location in 5, 10, 20, 40 years?" As we are no longer guaranteed to sell it quickly or possibly even for what we paid for it if something comes up after we have purchased)

Some of these factors may not have existed before. May be a generation is older now...or may be a new generation just starting & are not sure where they want to "settle" with the big world wide open before them.

There are definitely ways to address all of these, but some are easier than others, I think that we "all" can admit that there are times that we "have" to sit on the fence to contemplate our next move.

Today this landed from a friend onto my Facebook page......with the news this evening & the past week, well it struck a chord. I had to share so that others would have "inspiration". I also needed to share the points above so that we/others may have "understanding" & compassion of each other & what may cause us to stay stuck or what may help us find our way. I wanted to see if we can have understanding & compassion for "why" others may be stuck? I think that is a large step towards progress.

"It May Be That When We No Longer Know What To Do, We Have Come To Our Real Work, And When We No Longer Know Which Way To Go, We Have Begun Our Real Journey."(courtesy of Facebook Wall Photos)

Sometimes circumstances "push" us to begin to merge another path, or another journey, or simply modify the journey we are on. However, while we are resetting our compasses, we do sometimes pause on that very uncomfortable (or comfortable) fence. I know that I am trying to fine tune my compass... :). There is another fence I may speak of later this week.

It is a very "profound statement on this Wall Photo posting..."begun our REAL JOURNEY" & ....

there is only one that knows what and where that journey may take us. I feel that there have been many beginnings of which I am forever grateful.

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