Friday, October 21, 2011

What A Difference - A Tile Story of a Realtor's Business - Meet SaniGLAZE® Miami

I have been wrestling with a flooring problem. It was more than just an issue of needing new grout or grout restoration, as it had just been partially re-grouted the year prior, but it was also a matter of ease of upkeep, cleanliness, & maintenance with a home here in Miami. Many of these homes have this tile in the surrounding subdivisions, as it was the era they were constructed & with limited funds available for some homeowners, I sought a possible solution.

I called Sergio Barrero, C.B.S.E. who was kind (& patient) enough to give me a demonstration for a proposed project....This demonstration lasted approximately 1.5 hours & I am hopeful it will present many more projects of working together in the future. I guess it will depend on a few factors to come with the viability & the test factor. He says that longevity should be at least 2 years in a residential environment for the protective coating & the glaze should last for a lifetime.

Sergio's company offers a proprietary product with a franchise located here in Miami, Florida. Their headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida. I didn't know it at the time I made the appointment, as I came to him when I found his franchise product, but Sergio also is an Agent. He was previously with Keller Williams. Sergio presently works with his Uncle's Brokerage Office. He had just finished taking a continuing education class before our appointment. So he can first hand attest to the value in this product in the resale market. I did invite Sergio join our Active Rain network and family :).

Their product does give the "Wow" factor of almost being brand new without the daunting tasks of tile replacement. If anyone has ever had tile taken out...then they know what a messy task it can be. SaniGLAZE® helps overcome the dirt getting embedded into the grout which causes your tile to age & accumulate dirt in a short amount of time. It assists by making the maintenance of a home, apartment or office that much easier.

These are the images that got me to make the appointment, as you can see what a difference. I already knew what re-grouting & restoration could do, but the constant battle is what weighed on my mind. I searched for a solution & it seems to fit the needs. As I mentioned, I am small potatoes to Sergio's business of Hospitals, Apartments, & Extended Living...but I am hoping to bring him another channel with staging the hope of many Home Owners as well as the Hotel Industry.

This process also gives a home a "fresh" look when placing it on the market either for sale or for lease. I was very thankful that he took the time with me today & I feel that there could be a great benefit to others in today's climate. Sergio's primary bulk of his business comes from Property Managers & Commercial Developments such as Hospitals, Extended Care Facilities,and Apartment Buildings all over the State of Florida.

I have the below photos of a small area in an entrance & a bath as an example & then there is a slide show below from their International Facebook Site.

I strongly suggest anyone needed such services give Sergio a call or I will be happy to coordinate.

Before Shot Sergio Barrero, C.B.S.E. Applying the Cleaning Product

He carefully masked the area off to show prep for the polymer glaze that was applied to the right

The left is the doorway after the glaze & hardened sealer & the right is the bath just after cleaning

This bath, believe it or not, had just been re-grouted less than a year prior.....a challenging area, lifestyle, & traditional sealing hadn't helped. Please feel free to contact Sergio or myself to schedule any appointments for his team's demonstration & I would love to get any feedback of anyone who has experienced this product.

Sergio Barrero may be reached (305)300-5393 or (305)396-1021

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