Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Fun Impact ~ Part 1....

Just thinking of a few inexpensive tips that may be I could pass on to make it even "more" of a Happy Halloween & something that comes from my home. There is at least a Part 2 to this series....but we will start with Part 1 :)!!

Halloween has always been pretty big in my home....not because I like scary (I won't go to horror movies...) but because it was always something I thought I needed to make special for the kids. Especially when we moved into our "new" neighborhood while my daughter was growing up.

I found there were infinite options. I have 'alway's had to set limits, but I wanted to pull out a few that were of minimal investment for this year that may be helpful.

There are certain things that you may find that I focus on that put an "imprint" & this is one of them.... The rest of the "imprint" series will follow, but for now it is HALLOWEEN :)

My daughter became engaged on Halloween, as that was one of her most favorite times of year....I am not fully sure how that came about...but I guess it was "fun enough" growing up that it made her happy :)!

So, I wanted to try to spread some cheer & see if they may be of help to others that are of minimal expense, but have an impact in the community.

We have done many things....from stuffing small plastic grocery bags with leaves & then stuffing clothes with them to make scarecrows & foggers & noise w/ video. I wish I had more photos, but that was before this stage in life & if you are greeting you can't be photographing!

These two are at the top of my list though....Flags.... Full Size, Garden Size, or Wind Socks...all make a difference :)!!!

I used to always buy Windsport® Flags by Gantz - They used to be more plentiful, but the went out of business. I think their quality was so high that it made it difficult for the 'average' person to purchase, but they were the coolest flags & so dimensional. They had a product that was of amazing quality. I use to try to locate what I am able to of similar value now in quality.

You can sometimes find them on ebay like this one for summer or anytime for fun

If you can chase down the Windsport® Flags then these little garden ones will do nicely....your local Lowes usually keeps some in stock. I LOVE the people at Just For Fun nice & the ship it in a flash.


The next thing that I usually do regularly is a I noticed this year that Lowe's has a very reasonable fogger for $29.95 (now 20% off) but you can also use dry ice to accomplish much of the same effect. Dry Ice runs about $1.25-$1.50 per pound & can be pre-ordered through your local grocer (Publix, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Walmart (super w/grocery)) I find that 5-10 pounds should more than last the few hours of trick or treating & nightfall.

If you follow the instructions you should be in good shape...just be careful as you could burn yourself with it. I has restrictions for transport, etc. as well. However, there are some links below that should be helpful for this GREAT Halloween use. If you have a fountain then even better. I used to put it in our waterfall by our front door as the guest arrived at the porch & I also had a larger fogger as they approached.

You can add vanilla or a scent to the water to make it have a smell if you wish. We have used this with hot towel delivery.

There is a webbing & tiny spiders, that is glow in the dark with a black light. The black light can screw in to a spot light or other light & then adds further dimension to the web ;-)!! The light is less than $5.00 & the webbing from Lowes is less than $3.00.

They have dremel adapters & templates for Pumpkins....

There are so many things....Okay, this is a start as I have to get up at 4am again, but wanted you to be able to order flags & ice if you wish. One lady placed it in a cauldron & then put the candy in it for the kids....for a very spooky experience. The fogger I had to reduce because it did give the tiny ones a start. I just put it to the side, so it was not as intense to scare them.

Happy Halloween :)!!

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