Monday, October 10, 2011

It All Started With "I Love Your Shoes"

I met a very interesting young woman today that was traveling with 5 of her best team members. I wish all conversations started this simple... (Just kidding many times they do).....It all started with "I love your shoes".... Well sounds simple enough right. (Most of the time, I am the quiet type)...but....It can be!!

I know that this conversation may not apply to everyone, but I had to share because it was "just that simple".....& I guess it depends on the person you are engaging, but the results were surprising.

I wound up having over a half hour conversation with a wonderful young woman probably my daughter's age that was going to a conference that was to be the top 100 sales associates in the country.... (What does this mean...well you won't believe it).... She said that there are associates (now she didn't say how many, but the potential is there) & the range is they are making $60k per month.... It doesn't really matter here either what she or others was her "aura" that went with her & ironically her name is


It was not just her was her whole demeanor. She just presented herself unlike many I see. I see in my other in a sphere of about 500 people per day....sometimes more & these days are about 19-20 days per month or approximately 10,000.

I don't really pay attention to just your shoes...but at this moment that was the beginning of our journey.

There are probably a few that may not realize that I have two spheres going, for a number of reasons...mostly because of my passion (s) & also of being practical.... It is with this one sphere, that I could easily run across 10,000 or so in a month... (& please don't take this as a boast, as it is fact sometimes it has been a difficult in the transition from one to the the regular way of life when we are off...well the transition is a distinctive transition.

There are a few of my co-workers when they get home...well they don't even go to their mailbox right outside their door for a day...something for another blog another day. This one is to help hopefully all here.

The blessing is there are "all" cultures, countries, & in this circumstance, "uniqueness". I emphasize "uniqueness", as in my world of thousands...that is always a "good" thing because I see hundreds of people in a day (probably close to 10k-11k a month)..."Unique" has to stand out in a positive way. In this case, I am still on her story & sharing to others.... even after 500-600 people today.

I will not go into a lot of writing here, except to give you the highlights.

Auri had a very humble "genuine" charisma that just stood out...It was not her being beautiful, as believe me I have seen beautiful people that were not beautiful. She was internally...& when she was in her row of her friends/associates & when she was standing in line waiting for the lavatory & she was definitely not trying to put herself above. It gave me a moment of pause that I felt I should compliment her, on her shoes, but also her within the group I wish the shoes were here, but they are not in an image here...The shoes here are unique & not because of their value, but because they have creativity....they were fantastic, not too over the top & well just appropriate & actually her whole outfit looked very nice. She thanked me & responded that her husband gave it to her & "he had picked it out for her". (It also was not just her outfit, but that does start the flow of conversation sometimes). It was just so easy & it just was an example when we can open ourselves up in time & in the present it just may be that easy.

Until you know me, then you will understand that it is not common for me to hold that pause....unless there is an instinctive moment. Unfortunately, it is because it is given with our surroundings in my other sphere. In that particular moment I had less than .81 minutes or less than (1) minute to spend with Auri, but yet I spent almost a half hour with her, her team. A conversation my colleague & I had with her, of which we heard how we may connect family members to their group. A relationship that started with shoes may turn into months/years?? Yes, I said "how WE" may connect family members to her group. I also had a friend across the country doing what she it is a small world. She didn't "sell us"...ironically... (Or may be she did?)

We learned of her company & how she has progressed & the gentleman I was working with may be having his wife contact her & I may be forwarding my daughter.

We didn't know at the time, but Auri was the "National" sales director for her team. She was coming to a conference of 100 across the United States, hosted by the person ranked #3 in the US, within her corporation. Auri spoke of some of her representatives and it also gave me a moment.

Her words were "you NEVER know what is within you until you TRY & are out there". She was an Actuary major & she completely switched streams when she heard of her company & now look at her!!

She was so generous as well. She had her entire agenda stacked, but she wanted to connect with the group & I after we arrived to give us some gifts...? You almost 'never' see such. We could not participate as we had to get up at 3:45am, but we assured we would be in touch.

We limit ourselves so much! I know that if there were not those of us that worked for others, well then I am not sure what the economy would be each has their part....

........but I do know that when we are freed to pursue independently, then there is a whole new set of wings & our spirit is happy....& new set of "options" opens up in this great expansive world.

I will dedicate this blog to led to many more things than this....but the point was the conversation started with "I love your shoes" & it was just that simple & thus so can "your" conversations. This was an event that sent a dear friend of 20 years & may send a few of my family on a whole new path. You just never know what paths you are going to encounter when you make conversations.

Did I mention that it all started with "I LOVE your shoes"!!?? Her shoes were so unique that I could not find a photo in amongst all of these designer shoes.... (Including these "Louboutin's" & Manolo Blahnik's)

I did not ask her what her shoes were, (they may have been from Payless or Macys)... as it did NOT matter...what was the difference is that there was an irony.... It started with her shoes, but that was "just the beginning of the story"... We "ALL" have a story... our goal is to share the story & make it work to help each other. Our goal is each of "our" uniqueness.

I am not suggesting that you go stand in line of the lavatory...but what I am suggesting is that hopefully others will realize that it can be "just that simple". :)

It doesn't require Manolos or Louboutins to do it....I promise. Okay, more tomorrow. I have to get up at 4am... Happy Saturday/Sunday!!

(images courtesy of Google, Neiman Marcus & Payless)

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