Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Love A Story Of Hope & I Feel This One Will Warm Your Hearts

Hope is such a magical word. We all exist on "hope" whether we admit it or not.... In these times hope is more important than ever to share & spread inspiration. Today was an unusual story of hope; I stumbled upon, as it was very unique and right in my own native state.

This story is of a young man that has served our country & endured incredible battles.

Discouraged Soldier

Humbled by the fact he had returned home & felt lost, only to find that he retraced his roots to the home he had "rebelled & left from" when he many youth do. This was where the story took a turn..

The path he takes after is a remarkable renewed appreciation for his roots & how he uses this to

help others find the hope that was gifted to him by his parents following his return. I have to thank Parade magazine for sharing this story today for me to share with you.

This story led me to share it with my father, who in turn is going to share it with his American Legion post for support efforts. I also am sharing with you as who knows what other inspirations may stem from your reading & thoughts.

A Salute In Honor

I hope you enjoy & it warms your heart as it did mine! There are never enough ways to help our veterans & the "productive therapy" & "camaraderie" this shared was so moving emotionally. We often stretch our wings when we can be ourselves with nature. I have seen that happen even again recently with my daughter's move to a more "country" or nature zoned area of our region.

There is a tremendous message here in helping our veterans....but I also found that these veterans sent another message home (in my mind or JMHO) on what is a healthier way of life in considering the least may be for my family.

I am grateful to them in so many ways, but this article just gave me another & my father another volunteer effort to explore!

These are the "many" efforts I found today:

I actually saw 'at least' 17 Farming Veteran organizations listed on the www.farmvetco.orgsite.

I am just so proud of Sgt. Adam Burke for what he has done right here in the state of Florida. I am wishing him an abundance of support.

I know I am a bit early....but I find this to be appropriate "every" day!! I am not going to wait to share this story.

Veteran's Day Flag

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