Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving such an intricate part of Real Estate & Life

Well this blog came to me today when trying to get my son, daughter-n-law, & grandson moved from their apartment that I wrote about not so very long ago with their unwelcome guests.

I have found value in this truck rental company time & time again. I said well this is information to share that may be everyone can use?? The type of truck I have been geared towards has been the key to my choice in this company. I have decided after one of MANY moves that a "lift gate" on a truck is crucial. Ramps are nice, but when you are moving armories, portable fireplaces, even appliances...well then it gets a bit tricky & really worth the few extra dollars to pay for this feature. I have found there is a catch & that in most cases it has to be a business lease. I am not sure if this is a service that may be could be organized through the closings, but it is worth it to have a lift gate on the truck for the move. I have found a branch that will lease to individuals locally without it being a business, but that may not apply for everyone.

The company that I found has the "best" rates is Budget Truck Rentals.

16' Truck w/ Lift Gate I believe they also have a 24' w/Lift gate.

They offer GREAT values if you move "during the week" & 24 hours notice (25% off) You can put MID25 in the discount code through December 29th & 20% off if you book on dates that are other than blackout dates (of course being the times of lease change over & heavier volume for them - usually the end & 1st of the month) The code for that is listed on their site but it is DIS20.

I am have had to use them a LOT this year & they have gained my loyalty, just shy of purchasing a truck for us....

Well I just wanted to pass this on quickly before I go up to help them make yet another step. He wanted to do a lease/purchase, but we haven't found one for them yet. So, they are really happy where they are going in the mean time.

I hope that many of you are able to pass this info on, as it is "BACK" saving measure to have a "Lift Gate" with your moving truck, if you are not able to afford movers to do it for you. He is getting some friends together & doing this move after this was the most practical for their move anyway. Have a GREAT week!!

They are so excited!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out of the Office

out of the office

(Images courtesy of Google - Thank you Google for the fun!) I know, I know, I am "always" out of the office....

no really....I have to go to training for two days..... 9/26-9/27 :-/

funny out of the office

out of the office stitching

I will miss you distractions allowed or I will have to pass a tin cup...

tin cupso..... I will look forward to 9/28 :)!!

"Graciousness" ~ When did the cross over happen??

On with the track of my positive spirit, I am determined to sustain - I wanted to share this quote today as a remembrance of our impact on each other. The blog started in my head with changes that I had witnessed between generations, as of late, and as a result of an encounter last week.

It was with someone younger than my daughter, in a "very" public setting. The thought then popped in my head, as it had many times before..."when did we cross over the balance beam from "graciousness" to "entitlement" socially?

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." by --Carl Buchner

After these thoughts, plus the information from my friend on a corporate matter, I experienced the encounter. My brother followed up by inviting me to watch a movie that I suggest everyone in this industry (or any other one for that matter) to watch... It is on HBO - "Too Big To Fail".

Seesaw of Corporations

Never, in history, can I remember someone worrying about "if" their real estate/home would wind up being worth less than what they paid for it.

Well that is not what led me to write this story.....

  • it was someone of another generation that showed me her style of "entitlement"

  • as well as another friends news of what may transpire of economic impact in the next few months that also is another display of "entitlement"...

It posed the question to me - "Entitlement" (or may be Narcissistic attitude) & "Graciousness" ~ When did the cross over happen??

"These are two separate issues", I said, but then.....I replied with, "are they??" (Yes, I answered myself)

crazy drawing

I highly recommend the movie!! I do ask the question, when did we cross over the balance beam? How can we correct this for future generations, as I am concerned for my children & now grandchildren??? (Goodness that list is getting so long!....)

I will close on a sunnier note: :)

You may wish to take a peek at this blog - it is not as it seems but I found does have inspiration some really nice thoughts.

How would you like to be remembered?? How can we help change the future to the positive for our children & grandchildren??

(I edited this down quite a bit & the rest will be released if necessary next March / April, depending on the news my friend shared....a difficult week it has been a few fronts) I look forward to your input :)

This is a search that I liked for "gracious"...... Hugs & Night. (images courtesy of Google, as well as the definition)

gra·cious (grshs)
1. Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.
2. Characterized by tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor.
3. Of a merciful or compassionate nature.
4. Courteous; indulgent.
5. Characterized by charm or beauty; graceful.
6. Characterized by elegance and good taste: gracious living.
7. Archaic Enjoying favor or grace; acceptable or pleasing.
Used to express surprise or mild emotion.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Greeting This Morning On Facebook to Share

I am sure we all have the updates come in through the night when we awake from our Active Rain & our Facebook pages. This morning for me came a special update that "stayed" with me the rest of the day... I think it stuck with me primarily because of my social interaction here on Active Rain. It may have stuck with me after a flight I had last week....but I believe it was primarily from "worrying" here. The words could not have been more perfect for I am not prone to injure anyone, therefore I"try" to be very conscious of how I phrase things, may be overly so, but they are always from the heart. I am a care giver & do worry a little bit. There was not anything negative here, but just worrying over blogging or social interactions that have greatly expanded lately, nothing more.

I just felt that may be others would appreciate if shared. The words went as quoted below. If you wish to follow on Facebook it is:


"When you open your heart honestly to someone and speak your truth their reaction is not your concern. Each soul is on a different path in this life, the most important person, the only opinion that really matters is your opinion of yourself. Be true to you and take the time you need to discover who you are for yourself. You deserve it. heartRobin heartNow you have to toss in the "divine" purpose along with this to make the full equation for me. However, it resonated & then it got deeper today...

Don't ask why, but I decided to Google resonated..I have no reason other than I wanted to see the response. I stumbled upon this very interesting blog by It read to me a meaning that we find right here on all the work with our blogs...& it begins as a tremendous task because of the time & dedication involved.

I would like to close with a song that also presented itself to me today via another media & it happened to be one of my favorite songs for years that my daughter & I would sing in the car. Today it was not related to blogging so I need to make that clear. It is always a warm experience here in the Rain. The song came at a completely different time today, but I couldn't help myself ;-p

Okay, so can it be Music Sunday this week?? :)

p.s. I am trying for the Localism. Life however, keeps presenting benefits to share & I feel they can apply to anyone, whether they be "Localism" or across the globe. I just felt that this message deserved not to be just passed by...if you wish you can subscribe on your page. I hope you enjoy!

Meet the Artist ~ Alan Maltz Fine Art Photographer ~ Key West, South Florida & Internationally Collected

The seasons are changing & South Florida has not only "Localism", or local spots, of value to the full time residents, but of benefit to part-time residents, & visitors as well. These are visitors reading, that are possibly considering making Florida their home, or at the minimal, wish to take back reminder that will assist in the furnishing of their new home or their present home. I would suggest these works in my profession. Some have found that they also make great professional gifts.

I have some very talented people that I have been fortunate enough to have past & present relationships. I would like to take the time to honor & introduce these special people that have been an intricate part of my history. Thus begins a series in my Blogs.

We have had a number of years working together in our careers when my husband & I owned our Fine Art Printing business. It is difficult to know where to begin with our extended family. It would bring great pleasure for me to for me to introduced you to Alan Maltz, Fine Art Photographer. My husband shares his passion. I would hope if you are in the Keys, or any one of the other Florida cities listed here or on his website, that you take the time to visit Alan's work or his wonderful Gallery

~ Alan Maltz Fine Art Photographer ~ Key West & South Florida ~ Internationally Collected

Out of his words & into mine, I am sharing the posting of his highlights of some of his website. The links are found below. Alan is one of those few rare & kind souls with an incredible talent. He has some amazing accomplishments. The rest speaks for itself. If you go, please tell him I said hello! :)

Alan S. Maltz Gallery - The Fine Art of Photography

Meet the Artist

Alan S. Maltz

Renowned Fine Art Photographer Alan S. Maltz is a true romantic. The elusive nature of light influences and inspires him to create imagery that is both immediate and eternal, abstract and impressionistic. A 35mm Nikon camera and Fuji Velvia slide film (ASA 50) are his brush and palette. Whether photographing the allure of wildlife or the charms of daily life, this self-taught artist seldom uses filters to achieve virtuosity; instead, he follows the light. The result is a work of art that has the same visual impact as a fine oil painting.

Maltz has been designated the "Official Fine Art Photographer for the State of Florida" by VISIT FLORIDA and "The Official Wildlife Photographer of Florida" by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida. His art is represented in private, public and corporate collections throughout the world. Among them are: Bank of America Tower at International Place in Miami; Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta; The Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater, Fla., and Canson in Caen, France. Sixty of his fine art images are on permanent exhibition at the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. These commissioned, limited edition pieces hang in large format (72" x 52") and capture the allure of Lee County and celebrate the magic of everyday life in the natural world.

His acclaimed books have received numerous honors and recognition. Both Key West Color (1995) and Miami City of Dreams (1997) were named "Best Coffee Table Book of the Year" by the National Association of Independent Publishers. Florida... Beyond the Blue Horizon (2006) was selected as the "Official Welcome Gift for Super Bowl XLI" and received numerous awards, including "Best Florida Book for Adults" and "Best Interior Design" by the Florida Publishers Association. Governer Charlie Crist represents his state by presenting Florida... Beyond the Blue Horizon to dignitaries around the world. Maltz's latest book, Visions of Beauty — Fort Myers, Sanibel & Beyond... (2010), has already received much acclaim from the media, local government, corporate and private sectors of Lee County through a variety of high visibility promotions showcasing the destination in its best light.

National and regional publications have featured his work, including The New Yorker, Robb Report, US Airways magazine, Publishers Weekly, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, New York Post, ARTnews, Newsday and O, The Oprah Magazine. Florida Monthly chose him as one of their "21 Most Intriguing Floridians."

The Alan S. Maltz Gallery and studio is located in Old Town Key West and features his cutting-edge fine art, innovative framing designs and published works. Alan and his family enjoy the tranquility of nature from their home in the lower Florida Keys.

Inner Visions - An Artist's Perspective

As far back as I can remember, I had a desire to express myself an artist. Yet whatever my talents might have been they remained hidden. Then one day in June while Helen Hayes was speaking at my college graduation, a voice from within spoke these words, "Pick up a camera." The message was clear and insistent. The following day I left for Europe and North Africa with some friends, my newly acquired camera in hand. After I reviewed the results of my first rolls of film, I realized my visual interpretation was unique. I had found my calling in life.

Photography for me expresses a natural, intuitive sense of knowing what to do and when to do it. Through the years I have perfected my technique, but my initial vision remains unchanged. The substance comes straight from the heart. I choose studies that are positive and uplifting, reflecting the joys of life. Sunsets and sunrises recur in my work like perennial bookends to my growing collection of images. My goal as a photographer is to capture the essence, the spirit of my vision in the most romantic light possible. The observer is invited to connect with the subject in a process intended to enlighten and inspire.

Although my work looks good over the sofa, I hope it accomplishes more. As an artist, I want to share a poetic interpretation of the beauty and mystique that surrounds us. In presenting the familiar at the most ideal, I reveal the fanciful as everyday occurrence. At best, I think my images open a door of perception that leads the viewer to see the world with new eyes.


Many Need A Direct Mail & Printing Company ~ Meet "Sonic Print" ~ Great Prices & Great People :)!!

When we find new sources, I find it is always a nice thing to share, & pass forward to others.  Many of us need a "direct mail" campaign for various advertising.  In the Localism of trying to introduce new businesses, I would like to introduce to you Sonic Print.  Sonic Print is a great company that may give you a better alternative than the printing options you may be using presently.  Their prices are great from what I have seen.
Brian Cheaney is the owner. He & Becky Farley, as well the terrific team of professionals, would be more than happy to assist you with your printing, graphics, & direct mail needs.  Their ordering system is pretty straight forward & I believe would be something that would appeal to many community businesses, as well as those on Active Rain. 
I am hoping that you find this "new source" beneficial:)  While they are located in our local region of Florida, I am certain they can accommodate almost any region within the United States.  I have pasted a sample of their pricing for postcard direct mail, as well as their background information below.  I have found their pricing to be better than Vista Print in almost all categories.  The web address is:  Toll Free: 1-888-441-PRINT (7746)  Their equipment is amazing.  I have posted the link for you to take a peek. 
If you have any other sources that you may find comparable, please share, but I find them at the top of the list.
A New Source ~ Meet Sonic Print ~ Great Prices :)!!
4x6 Saturation Mailer Package
<>Quantity4"x6"Printing+MailingServices+MailingList+Postage=Package PricePlaceOrder
1000$99+$99+$99+$182=$479 $434Order Now
 We're Not Your Average Print Company

For over 10 years, Sonic Print has contributed to the growth of businesses all over the United States through print and direct mail marketing services. We provide a user friendly website which gives our clients the convenience of ordering printing and direct mail services online, supported by a knowledgeable and customer friendly staff who can assist you in maximizing your print marketing success.
Our in-house services include:
  • 1 to 6 Color Offset Printing (Long Run, Professional Full Color Quality)
  • Digital & Variable Data Printing (Personalization, PURLs, VDP)
  • Full Direct Mail House (Presort, Addressing, Inserting, Tabbing, Live Stamping)
  • Mailing Lists & Lead Generation (B2B, B2C, Specialty Mailing Lists, Online Systems)
  • Full Bindery Services (Folding, Cutting, Coating, Stitching, Die-Cutting)
  • Graphic Design Department (Print, Web, Cross Media)
  • Fulfillment Services (Warehouse Material, Drop Shipping)

From our Print Shop Floor ... To Your Door

Started in the late 90's during the dotcom era, SonicPrint employs the simple concept of delivering affordable printing and direct mail services through the advances of technology and the Internet. As technology progresses and printers come online every day, SonicPrint continues to be at the forefront of our industry.
Our online website is backed by an 18,000 square foot production facility in Tampa, Florida with all printing services performed in-house. Unlike many online printers, we are not a middle man who has just perfected the art of web-to-print; we are a full service organization. Rest assured, when you order from us, we are in control of all production, every step of the way, which builds trust that the project will go smoothly.

Perfecting The Art Of Web-to-Print

The core of our company is our proprietary, in-house developed, web-to-print engine. Our customers do more than just upload print files through our website; they get a unique birds-eye view of the production process. Ordering, Proofing, Estimating, Job Tracking, Shipping Management are all maintained through one easy to use print portal.
You won't find the convenience of our system anywhere else, because we custom tailored the purchasing experience for our clients. Many printers buy a web-to-print system from a software company, hoping to enter the online print market.
We didn't just create a print portal for our customers; we perfected it.

The Ink On Paper Professionals

Whether you just need printing services for your brochures, or a full direct mail campaign with a mailing list, design, and custom landing pages, we provide our customers the expertise and quality they need in whatever capacity they desire.
Feel free to contact us today and let us show you what we can do for you!
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