Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Greeting This Morning On Facebook to Share

I am sure we all have the updates come in through the night when we awake from our Active Rain & our Facebook pages. This morning for me came a special update that "stayed" with me the rest of the day... I think it stuck with me primarily because of my social interaction here on Active Rain. It may have stuck with me after a flight I had last week....but I believe it was primarily from "worrying" here. The words could not have been more perfect for I am not prone to injure anyone, therefore I"try" to be very conscious of how I phrase things, may be overly so, but they are always from the heart. I am a care giver & do worry a little bit. There was not anything negative here, but just worrying over blogging or social interactions that have greatly expanded lately, nothing more.

I just felt that may be others would appreciate if shared. The words went as quoted below. If you wish to follow on Facebook it is:


"When you open your heart honestly to someone and speak your truth their reaction is not your concern. Each soul is on a different path in this life, the most important person, the only opinion that really matters is your opinion of yourself. Be true to you and take the time you need to discover who you are for yourself. You deserve it. heartRobin heartNow you have to toss in the "divine" purpose along with this to make the full equation for me. However, it resonated & then it got deeper today...

Don't ask why, but I decided to Google resonated..I have no reason other than I wanted to see the response. I stumbled upon this very interesting blog by It read to me a meaning that we find right here on all the work with our blogs...& it begins as a tremendous task because of the time & dedication involved.

I would like to close with a song that also presented itself to me today via another media & it happened to be one of my favorite songs for years that my daughter & I would sing in the car. Today it was not related to blogging so I need to make that clear. It is always a warm experience here in the Rain. The song came at a completely different time today, but I couldn't help myself ;-p

Okay, so can it be Music Sunday this week?? :)

p.s. I am trying for the Localism. Life however, keeps presenting benefits to share & I feel they can apply to anyone, whether they be "Localism" or across the globe. I just felt that this message deserved not to be just passed by...if you wish you can subscribe on your page. I hope you enjoy!

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