Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving such an intricate part of Real Estate & Life

Well this blog came to me today when trying to get my son, daughter-n-law, & grandson moved from their apartment that I wrote about not so very long ago with their unwelcome guests.

I have found value in this truck rental company time & time again. I said well this is information to share that may be everyone can use?? The type of truck I have been geared towards has been the key to my choice in this company. I have decided after one of MANY moves that a "lift gate" on a truck is crucial. Ramps are nice, but when you are moving armories, portable fireplaces, even appliances...well then it gets a bit tricky & really worth the few extra dollars to pay for this feature. I have found there is a catch & that in most cases it has to be a business lease. I am not sure if this is a service that may be could be organized through the closings, but it is worth it to have a lift gate on the truck for the move. I have found a branch that will lease to individuals locally without it being a business, but that may not apply for everyone.

The company that I found has the "best" rates is Budget Truck Rentals.

16' Truck w/ Lift Gate I believe they also have a 24' w/Lift gate.

They offer GREAT values if you move "during the week" & 24 hours notice (25% off) You can put MID25 in the discount code through December 29th & 20% off if you book on dates that are other than blackout dates (of course being the times of lease change over & heavier volume for them - usually the end & 1st of the month) The code for that is listed on their site but it is DIS20.

I am have had to use them a LOT this year & they have gained my loyalty, just shy of purchasing a truck for us....

Well I just wanted to pass this on quickly before I go up to help them make yet another step. He wanted to do a lease/purchase, but we haven't found one for them yet. So, they are really happy where they are going in the mean time.

I hope that many of you are able to pass this info on, as it is "BACK" saving measure to have a "Lift Gate" with your moving truck, if you are not able to afford movers to do it for you. He is getting some friends together & doing this move after this was the most practical for their move anyway. Have a GREAT week!!

They are so excited!!

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