Monday, October 10, 2011

What Are Your Thoughts On How to "Fix" Us Economically?

This may be my shortest blog ever for me....but what do you think about these two articles...they just happened to arrive after suggesting Vegas Bob's Blog (you will see my comment there on "this economic issue".

I think that the protests are growing, but what are your ideas on the "fix". My feelings may be controversial to many right now....but I don't have much time to watch television between working both of my occupations, family @ home, "&" my family in the "Rain". I turn it on for the news & a few campaign updates have worked their way in as well.... I have some feelings in a nutshell.

Our problems started long before this term was elected & when this president took office he took office with a freight train coming at him 100 mph. It would have been the case with either presidential candidate I feel.

  • I think more frequent that ever, that "all" new presidential terms should be 6 years, as it takes the first two to get solid footing & find out the overwhelming amount of information that has been kept on the "inside" of who has what or acted on what & to be "briefed". May be a re-election term of shorter duration. It is not like in our professions (present or former) where you may have a 2 week training period or turnover. I think it takes a bit longer to learn the turnover of the US?
  • I do not think that campaigning should be allowed to go almost two years before the present term is barely even up?? When was that decided?? It makes me feel ever more annoyed with the candidates that they can't see the distraction they are creating. It is not a positive light for them in my eyes. It is a terrible distraction from the work that needs to be of "focus" without a mass of outside rhetoric from others in glass houses.
  • I don't ever wish us to have another president that has an interest in a natural resource/commodity that we depend on as a nation. It is no offense...I just think it is too tempting. (I don't care if it is fertilizer....corn, wheat or coffee...but especially I am not comfortable with "oil")
  • Don't you ever wonder why more presidents don't quit since no one is appreciative for what they try to do with all the internal political controversy ongoing amongst them? (I have patience, but don't think many have that much patience)

I vote independent & I am NOT standing for a "party" so much as the position of responsibility of which we have as an elected position.

I do see how the protesters started.... Just my get your thoughts on how do you feel it could be "fixed" so we can begin to find some normalcy??? Some in the protest felt there should also be a "maximum" there is a "minimum" wage? Should there be more protection for the "golden" parachutes"??

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